Shareware - 14.99


Backlit Games

After literally years of waiting, newcomer Backlit Games has achieved one of the ultimate feats on EPOC - a working, fast, GameBoy emulator. The emulator takes standard GameBoy ROM images (and these can be found all over the Web, both legal and illegal) - it then runs the game, achieving a steady 28/29 frames per second on my 5mx. There are several display options, from the rather small 1:1 pixel mapping, to a full height screen mode, to a 2:1 mapping - this loses the top and bottom of the screen, but provides the largest game area. The emulator can be speeded up by skipping frames, although in the case of Mario Land on the 5mx this wasn't necessary. There is no sound emulation, but given the quality of the 5mx's internal speaker it's no great loss.

Update: Goby version 1.1 is now available from Backlit Games. As well as providing a save and resume feature, a Revo specific mode and some other fixes and additions, it allows you to resume whatever game and wherever you were when you exited the emulator. But best of all, the price has been cut in half - at 14.99, this is now a must have for anyone interested in playing GameBoy games on their EPOC device.

10/10 Finally, a GameBoy emulator - and it's good!